November 2017
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09 Oct 2017 

Are pick-up lines working

Pick-up lines can be a funny way to start o conversation with someone. They can actually work if done right and you should pay attention every time you use them. They are easy to use and they can easily charm someone. Pick up lines is one of the most searched terms online and this segment of dating has increased its popularity in the last few years. Pick-up lines are really interesting and can offer a true perspective that everyone will enjoy.
Some people say that pick-up lines are out dated. Even though they seem to be outdated, they usually work well and they are an easy way to flirt with other people. Everyone seem to be happy to talk about pick-up lines because they are a great conversation starter. These phrases are being Googled more time than “how to date” phrases.
Some of the best pick-up lines are “I`ve lost my number, can I have yours?” Another well-known pick-up line is “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” These lines are usually inoffensive but they are great conversation starters and the person will always know that you are interested in her or him. Sweet and [playful lines are a way to go when you try to make a conversation with someone else. The conversation must be sweet and playful and you will know that you will attract the attention of others. Some people will thing that if you use these kind of pick-up lines you will sound unimaginative and soppy. When you meet someone that feels this way, you should take this into consideration and you shouldn`t feel upset. There are a lot of people out there who enjoy these lines and feel like these lines are pretty interesting.
There are some pick-up lines that aren`t that good of a use. You shouldn`t consider using them out because they won`t work at all. Phrases like “That shirt looks good on you, but it would look better on my bedroom floor.” aren`t that efficient. You should keep it as simple and joyful as you can. Opening a conversation with a pick-up line can be a great idea. You will find a lot of pick-up lines online and you will see that these pick-up lines can turn out to be really efficient. They work well and they can be used every time you talk with someone new that you really like.
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02 Oct 2017 

Porn in muslim culture

Muslims are very strict people. From the strict program of their prayers to their interdiction of eating pork and back to the obligation of the women to wear that scarf which covers almost all their faces. But although they are a strict culture in which their religion doesn’t let them do some hings, when it comes to porn they never say no. Why is that?

The thing is, sex is a need of the body. It is not always moral (more immoral than moral) but it is something we, weak souls, can’t refuse. In the lack of sex, people have discovered a lot of ways to pleasure yourself, in order to releave tension. I don’t think this means need to me mention because you probably know more than I do. But what is undeniably true, to succed in pleasuring yourself you sometimes need a good muslim xnxx video.
Because it is generally true that we all need sex in our lives, I do not believe that muslims are an exception of the rule. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t watched at least by curiosity an adult movie in their life? No one. Their religion is indeed really strict and they live by some laws which normally forbid this, but the body wants what the body wants. We need it. It is healthy that from time to time we loosen up a little bit and treat ourselves.
I judge no one and I will never judge. I do it sometimes when my boyfriend isn’t around. You do it. Your parents probably do it from time to time. This is no subject to judge upon because you are all hypocrites if you trying to contest my words.

To end my point, no matter how strict the laws you are living by are, in this case no matter how strict the muslim religion is, they do it too because it is a necessity. We are biological programmed to have some fun from time to time, to releave the pressure inside our bodies.
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30 Jul 2017 

How to make a woman happy

I know that these things vary from one woman to another, but I'll try
to offer a few tips that, at least, for me they worked and I managed to
make the woman next to me happy even for a short period of time. Even
if I will seem little things, it's worth it to try them, the happiness
of the women in your life will make you will feel more much more less
men, and who said that “the power of man, it sees in the function of the
smile of the woman next to him”, he had a very large right, and I need
to keep this in mind.

I'm of the opinion that a man must look in the first place all the
attention on who owns the woman next to him. If this happens, it is
virtually impossible not to make her happy for as you will absolutely
everything she tells you about her and pleasures her, so when it comes
to physical things, the small moments, and when it comes about the
pleasures that she has in bed. Even if you find it hard or easy to
believe, the bed matters a lot in life of the couple and would have to
give more importance to the way in which we have sex.

A woman needs to feel safe with a man and I do not mean just the
physical side, you don't have to fight with other men for her
(physically speaking), but you have to make her feel self-controlled, to
give him confidence and make her understand that as long as things
between you are going well, there's nothing to be stressed out that
you're flirting with other women. After all, man is the one who manages
to keep a woman near him for a long time, not a player.

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